declassified/secondary steel - export

  • The division 'Export Steel' of IRS is active in the international trade of non-prime steel item in all types, grades and shapes. We are mostly selling flat rolled products, sheets, plates and coils, hot rolled, cold rolled and coated material, as well as re-rollables and re-useable to third countries as well as into the European Community.
  • The material is being sourced in West-Europe with all major producers and mostly purchased from their affiliated service-centers. Surplus steel products, which are not longer needed or which can’t be processed in the producing countries at reasonable cost as well as defective items not useable for the specified application, are being released by the mills for overseas exports.
  • From various production locations we distribute the goods via the ports of Antwerp and Hamburg to many parts of the world. For the time being the major destinations are China, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Syria and the Middle East.